Emily Johnson, originally from East Sussex, is a full time artist residing in Gloucestershire.

Emily’s fascination with science and the natural world led her to studying for a degree in Equine Science which she achieved in 2008. This profound interest in the anatomy and of the inner mechanisms of her subjects have shaped the artwork she produces today.

Emily takes huge inspiration from classic anatomical art, in particular George Stubbs, whilst continuing to draw creative interest and stimulation from more modern and contemporary artists.

Originally self taught, Emily has been taking commissions for her artwork as a full time career for over four years. In 2018 she began regular attendance at the Cheltenham School of Fine Art in order to further cultivate her skills, aptitude and style.

Emily’s realistic and nearly photographic work explores a variety of mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint. She produces her pieces onto canvas, paper and ply, whatever lends itself to that particular piece. She loves the unflinching dynamism of charcoal and “its power to create energy and drama in an instant.”

Her newest infatuation is with Oils, “The gorgeous buttery texture, the long drying time, a medium shared with some of the greatest artists of all time, oils will definitely be the dominating medium of 2020.”

Where possible Emily tries to participate in art residencies. “I love travelling, meeting new people and having time to work on my craft”. This year, she will be taking part in her first international art residency; “I really can’t wait! I will be able to carry out some crucial research for this years exciting exhibition, as well as having some time to completely absorb myself in my subjects”

Emily is currently working on an exciting new project. She will be exhibiting her work later in 2020.