Art Residency at Cheltenham Racecourse

Emily Johnson - Cheltenham Racecourse's official Artist in Residence

What is an Art Residency?

An art residency is an opportunity for an artist to immerse themselves in a new environment to inspire and influence new works. Art residencies are really something I enjoy. To be able to explore a new equestrian world, and describe what I find in my art is really exciting. 

Why Cheltenham Racecourse?

For a start Cheltenham Racecourse is a truly stunning setting. Beautiful architecture, immaculately kept, with the jaw dropping backdrop of the cotswold hills. The atmosphere is like no other, with a culture all of it’s own. I feel so lucky to call this my local racecourse.

Absorbing the culture

Stepping onto a racecourse for the first time, the first thing that hits you is the people. An atmosphere like nothing you’ve ever experienced. I am looking forward to meeting all the characters that make Cheltenham Races possible. From the punters and book makers, the jockeys and stable staff, to racecourse staff and groundsmen! I want to meet them all and find out what drew them into this unique world.

Equestrian Anatomy

If you already know a bit about me you will know that I have a fascination for equine anatomy. The race fit thoroughbred, as you can imagine, the perfect subject for my scientific mind to explore.

muscle toned to perfection this is charcoal horse art is "Race Ready" by Emily Johnson

At the easel

During my time with the racecourse, I will be working on ongoing projects at my easel. I will choose different locations around the course, giving everyone the chance to say hello and see me work. Keep an eye on my social media pages as I will be sharing on the day exactly where I plan to be painting from.


When I’m not at my easel, I’m planning on getting out and about with my sketchbook and camera. I want to use my sketchbook to journal my time with the course, documenting details and moments that may go overlooked by the average racegoer. 


Cheltenham Racecourse wish to use our new relationship to raise additional funds for their charity WellChild. I will be donating a percentage of everything I make through the racecourse, as well as auctioning several pieces for this worthwhile cause.

If you want to learn more about Cheltenham’s chosen charity and the incredible work they do please visit for more information.

Emily Johnson - Cheltenham Racecourse's official Artist in Residence

If you are planning a trip to Cheltenham Races this season, keep an eye out for me about the course. I would love it if you came and said hello.

Want to hear more about my story and how I got to be Cheltenham Racecourses Artist in Residence? Read what they have written about me on their website.