Tang & Emily Johnson - British Equestrian artwork

Emily Johnson, originally from East Sussex, is a full time artist based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Emily’s fascination with science and the natural world led her to achieve a degree in Equine Science in 2008. This profound interest in the anatomy and inner mechanisms of her subjects can be seen in the artwork she produces today.

Emily takes huge inspiration from classic artists, in particular George Stubbs, whilst continuing to draw creative interest and stimulation from more modern and contemporary works.

Originally self taught, Emily has been taking commissions for her artwork as a full time career for over five years. In 2018 she began regular attendance at the Cheltenham School of Fine Art in order to further cultivate her skills as an oil painter.

Although having the ability to reproduce her subjects to a near photographic level, she enjoys more the challenge of describing form with as few strokes of the brush as possible. “I like the viewers to first be drawn to the highly detailed elements, but then taken on a journey throughout the piece, appreciating the more loose brushstrokes that create the drama and tell the story of the piece”

Wherever possible Emily relishes the opportunity to participate in art residencies. “I love the chance to meet new people and share my process while immersing myself in a new culture”

“Like many, this last year has been different to how I planned. With travel plans on hold, I have taken advantage of the additional studio time, completely losing myself in new pieces and experimental styles.”

Emily has some very exciting plans for 2022. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see her exciting plans unfold…

Emily Johnson British Equestrian Oil Painter

Did you know…?

Emily has partnered with For every original painting she sells, she plants 10 trees in the client’s name with

“I am hugely passionate about making a positive change. Living in the Forest of Dean, I spend a huge amount of time walking and riding in the forest. Planting trees in my clients’ names seemed a beautifully fitting way to play my part.”

Horse riding in the Forest of Dean
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Dog Walking in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire