Joint Exhibition Announcement!

Sometimes the stars just align…

Hi <<First Name>>

If you have been following my work lately i’m sure you will have noticed the recurring race horse theme in my pieces..

Inspired by the positive feedback I have been receiving from the racing community, I decided I needed to get my work into the centre of Cheltenham for Cheltenham Racing Festival in March, the busiest few days on Cheltenham’s calendar. The town is flooded with excited racegoers and has an electric atmosphere that has to be experienced first hand.

The idea was to rent one of the empty shops in the town centre and host my own solo exhibition. A somewhat daunting prospect, as some of them are in quite a state of disrepair, but I felt up for a challenge!

My investigation however, kept resulting in set backs and dead ends. The reality of the task I was trying to take on was getting more overwhelming by the day.Explaining to Darren, the owner of Park Gallery, my ingenious plan, he paused, then responded “but why don’t you just rent Sixteen Gallery…?”

This was news to me… What was Sixteen Gallery??

 Research uncovered that Sixteen Gallery is an exciting, brand new, gallery space available for hire. It couldn’t be more perfect… and what a relief!

I got in touch with the owner Andy Owen-Smith (and accomplished artist in his own right) to discuss hiring it for the festival.. Just one snag..

“I was half thinking of hiring the space for my own exhibition that week,” he explained. “I have an exciting racing themed series in mind.. my only worry is about filling the space…”

The idea of the joint exhibition was born!

I couldn’t be happier with how things have worked out. Im really looking forward to working with Andy. We gel really well and have similar visions of how the exhibition will be.Our artwork will be two completely different styles joined by a common theme, horse racing. I think the contrast or our work will work really in such abeautiful, contemporary space.

Exhibition open to the public from:

Saturday 12th March – Wednesday 23rd March 2022

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Hope you have a lovely New Year!