A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone that attended my event at Park Gallery

'Horse Power' Available a Park Gallery Cheltenham

Friends, Family & Racegoers..

On Thursday 11th of November it was my ‘Meet the artist’ event at Park Gallery Cheltenham.

I had been preparing for this event since joining Park Gallery in September. Darren, the owner of Park, and I, decided to tie the event in with the exciting November meet held at Cheltenham racecourse. Maximising the chance of my artwork catching the eye of some of the racegoers.
Emily Johnson outside Park Gallery
The event was 3:00-7:00pm and I was touched by the constant flow of supporters that came in to see me and the pieces I had been working on. There were some lovely surprise visits from friendsI haven’t seen for a long time. I always publishing what i’m up to on social media, but this event made me realise just how many people are out there actually reading and supporting my journey. It has been very touching.

Amongst friends and family, a few race goers were drawn in by the equestrian artwork. Of which I secured a racing commission there and then!A few of us then cluttered off to ‘The Giggling Squid’ a Thai restaurant not too far away to celebrate. If you haven’t been I would recommend it, with a word of warning. Beautiful decor, an extensive menu, great atmosphere, however… please respect the little chillis next to the name of each meal on the menu… 🌶️🌶️🌶️ it took a few quite a while, and a few jugs of water to get through it!

Emily & Laura having their photo taken

A Subscriber Exclusive!

I haven’t put this out on the socials yet but its too exciting not to share!

I have been in talks for a little while with Andy Owen-Smith, both the owner of Gallery 16 Cheltenham, and himself an accomplished oil painter.

Gallery 16 is a self hire gallery giving artists the exciting opportunity to host their own exhibitions.

After an enquiry phone call with Andy, and realising we both had a passion for both horse racing as well as art, we had the brain wave to share the space. Collaboratingto create an exciting joint exhibition of our racing inspired artworks!

Details are yet to be ironed out.. but it should be safe to say this will be happening sometime in 2022

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